Mat-tech Development & Testing has specialized in development, optimization and implementation of all possible soldering and brazing technologies. Whether it concerns fluxless solderingand brazing, lead-free solderingand brazing, inductive solderingand brazing or high temperature soldering and brazing: you have come to the right partner. We are convinced that a good elaborated development process will lead to a considerable reduction in costs during the whole lifecycle of a product. Therefore, we recommend to check whether optimization is possible in the field of joints, already from the development stage on. We offer different types of research, for example to gain insight in life cycle and reliability of products and to analyze the causes of failure of products.

Press release: MBO & Groei Fonds participates in Mat-Tech B.V.

Mat-Tech | Electronica


Development & testing of solder and brazed joints in electronics. The development of alternative lead-free and/or fluxless solder and braze materials with lower melting temperatures for electronic applications.

Mat-Tech | SEM/EDX


Development & testing of solder and brazed joints in engineering products. Improving an existing product, reduce failure or increase the tensile strength. We have experience in joints consisting of titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, copper etc.