Mat-Tech Production offers you the opportunity to outsource soldering. We go for the best possible technical result without losing sight of the cost component. A lot of technical knowledge is present which we use to make better and more cost-efficient products in an innovative way. With soldering almost anything is possible. Our principle is quality and we have an eye for detail. You can expect a neat finish and a low failure rate. You can contact us for long runs but also for single pieces. Through our years of experience and our professional way of working you can easily outsource complex products at Mat-Tech Production. Of course we like to show you some examples of our work.

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Advantages of soldering & brazing

Compared to other joining techniques soldering is a technique with a number of specific advantages like design freedom, good conduction between materials (electrical and thermal), high strength possible, good leak tightness, compositions of different materials, possible to combine with other thermal processes etc.

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Soldering & brazing services

We can offer the following soldering services: vacuum brazing, belt furnace brazing, shielding soldering, inductive soldering, aluminum soldering, metal-ceramic brazing, fluxless soldering, manual soldering & brazing etc.