Soldering is a joining technique in which materials (metal or ceramic) are connected by melting the so-called solder. While making these joints it is important that the material to be soldered and the requirements of the final product are taken into account. Think of elements such as temperature resistance, strength, corrosion resistance and visual aspects. Knowledge and equipement are needed to properly obtain the joint. Mat-Tech Production offers both.


We can offer the following soldering services:


  • Vacuum brazing
  • Belt furnace brazing
  • Shielding soldering
  • Inductive soldering
  • Aluminum soldering
  • Metal-ceramic brazing
  • Fluxless soldering
  • Manual soldering & brazing

In some cases we combine the soldering process with a heat treatment of the materials used. Think of hardening, annealing, tempering and aging. With Mat-tech Production you will definitely find a solution.